Q: Why was X banned / silenced when Y did worse and not get banned / silenced?
A: This question is a combination of 2 separate questions: Why did X get banned / silenced? Why did Y did not get banned / silenced?

Q: Why did X get banned / silenced?
A: Please read the rules below, a reason or a combination is in there

Q: Why did Y did not get banned / silenced?
A: Unfortunately we cannot monitor everyone, I personally respond to all emails I get (Although admittedly sometimes with a delay). Each one takes time to go thorugh the db, track things etc. When something banworthy catches our eye AND we can verify it AND we are 100% sure of it AND we see no better way to discourage future behaviour as such banning occur. All bannings are done by admins, not mods. Trust me admins are not biased, we only care about the benefit of the game. Sometimes criminals get away in any justice system. If you feel someone deserves it mail us, let us know, show proof. "Everyone knows" is NOT proof. A person saying "I cheat" is NOT proof, lots of people lie (but we will look into them).

Q: What steps should be taken if I take over an account?
A: If you take over an account and are simply borrowing it, please be ready to accept that it can be taken back at any time. If you are taking an acount permanently, you HAVE to get the original owner to contact a mod or admin to have it unlinked from their creation email account or facebook account. Otherwise they could take it back at any time!


If you are to break rules, then any action deemed necessary can be taken to discourage similar behaviour in the future, even more than you expect. Use your common sense, if you constantly cause trouble - you are here for that, not to enjoy the game, you WILL be banned. There is officially a 3 strike policy meaning: Even 3 small offenses in a period of 3 months can get you banned no questions asked (but not necessarily, it's up to admin decision to determine intent, and that call is on them and will not be influenced). If you keep on being offensive or trying to get borderline without breaking rules - you are mocking the game and those who enjoy it, you WILL be banned.

A short list of most common offences (but in no way a complete list, final discretion is up to mods / admins):

1. Spamming (announcing a battle or repeating anything more than 3 times in the same way)

2. Cursing or Offensive Language (any language that causes another player mental anguish) Please note that some cursing is acceptable for instance damn i dropped a pot. When you curse to purposely hurt someone or very excessive swearing.

3. Tormenting (antagonizing another player to the point they want to curse or use any sort of foul language)

4. Battle Throwing (if you join a battle or fight and refuse to try to win or refuse to fight at all)

5. Name Calling (any name that may cause someone else to feel bad or anger another player)

6. Mod Mocking (making sly comments when a mod enters the area or making fun of a mod and their job when you are given a warning)

7. Racism and Sexual Abuse (includes making fun of someones ethnicity, gender, and even sexual preference)

8. Power Levelling (fighting the same person repeatedly (more than 5 times a day) and letting them win/lose to gain experience)

9. Offensive clan icons (any icon for a clan that may offend any other member of the be community this includes: sexually referenced, icons with crude language in them)

10. Doing anything to make the game less enjoyable for anyone else (except playing obviously), even if not outlined in any other rule explicitly. I.E. Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean you can get borderline and expect it to be ok

11. Find a bug OR use a bug found by anyone else: report it - get a reward, exploit it - risk banning for all your chars

12. Circumventing swear filter to deliver antagonizing messages. If your message is clear and understood to be offensive, doesn't matter how it's written.

13. Clan chat is not monitored by he mods only becuase it would take too much time. BUT if you are reported for abusive language there, and it's bothering people / is offensive, and there is enough proof, action will be taken.